Building on our previous Open Evening of tech talks, we want to showcase what is keeping the Auto Trader engine running efficiently. Our speakers come from various operational disciplines and are all keen to give us an insight into what they are working on.

Register here to join us at the Auto Trader offices in Manchester at 6pm—food and drinks will be provided.

Tech talk event

Below is a summary of the evening’s talks. We hope to see you there!

The Three Pillars of Effective Release Management—Matt Beaney

Velocity, culture & platform. Join Matt as he discusses how Auto Trader have used these concepts to develop software delivery tools and processes on our journey to the Cloud. 

The challenges of migrating apps from VM’s to Containers—Chris Gillatt

Like many organisations, Auto Trader is moving away from long-lived configuration-managed virtual machines to serve our applications, in favour of light-weight ephemeral containers in the public cloud. Chris describes some of the challenges we’ve faced on this on-going journey, both technically and culturally.

Connectivity from On-Premise to Multi-Cloud—Martin Highton

Having the right cloud connectivity is crucial to Auto Trader’s multi-cloud strategy. Martin explains the journey we undertook to implement a flexible, performant, highly available set up between our Data Centres and GCP, AWS and Azure using Equinix Cloud Exchange.

Creating secure and performant networks in the public cloud—Chris McKean

Public cloud is becoming the choice for more and more companies to run their infrastructure. How do networking and security differ from an on-premise solution? Chris talks about the differences/challenges and how Auto Trader is creating a secure network in the three big clouds.

PagerDuty: The AT Way—Ryan O’Gorman

Pager Duty is our solution for centralised alert management. In this talk, Ryan explains how and why we decided on PagerDuty, showing tips and tricks along the way. Rounding the talk off with an Auto Trader bespoke configuration and integration with Statuspage.

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